What to Pack

A few suggestions of things you might want to bring when you visit Morocco:

If you are taking medication bring enough with you as well as the prescriptions. Most medications are readily available in pharmacies throughout Morocco along with other basic medical needs. However, the names that the drugs are marketed under may not be the same as in the United States. Therefore, it is also helpful that you bring the slip of paper detailing its chemical makeup that came with the product so that you can be sure of purchasing the same thing here should the need arise (for example, if your medication is lost or stolen). If you wear glasses bring along a spare set if possible.

Bring your camera and take a lot of photos to show friends when you return home. Film and batteries etc. are easily purchased in Morocco, but come with enough if possible. Use wisdom in taking pictures, do not take photos of someone who doesn’t want their photo taken. Most people don’t care. Some people will ask money to take their pictures. A few coins will satisfy.

One final point is not to take photos of any building or structure with a Moroccan flag (it has a red background with a green five pointed star in the center). These are government buildings and are regarded as sensitive.

The linguistically adventurous can bring the excellent “Moroccan Arabic phrasebook” (publ. by Lonely Planet-ISBN 086442 0714

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