Thanks for Everything

“We had a great time in Morocco and we only wonder why it took us over 50 years to return.  Rabat, Fes, Meknes, Marrakech, Ifrane, Cascades d’  Ouzoud, Casablanca and all the villages and country sides in between were definitely worth the trip.  We were somewhat disappointed with Casablanca as we remembered it as a  beautiful city of just over 1 million people that had grown to a  city of over 7 millions, and in the process had lost a lot of its charm.  Our driver, Mohamed El Hassani was always pleasant, and helped keep the chatter going, always willing to make the extra effort to make the trip enjoyable.  Our guide in Fes was good but seemed more interested in his agenda than ours.  However, the guide in Marrakech was very good and flexible.  Michelle and the staff at The Travel Source were so patient, cooperative, and helpful through out the whole process.  THANKS FOR EVERYTHING and happy holidays.” 
Frank – USA, November 2014
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