Services were outstanding

“The trip was wonderful.  It’s hard to choose a highlight.  One of our daughters chose the Fes medina, the souks in particular, and her fiance the desert.  For me, it was the surprise that the sort of details that I work on each night, figuring out exactly where we will be going the next day – restaurants, parking, how to walk from one place to the next, tickets to reserve etc. turned out to be something that the drivers generally handled for us – Wahid, our driver, talked with us, but he knew how much time things took, how to get from one place to the next etc., recommendations for food etc.. He was very good about stopping at good views, interesting places along the road etc – so more was included than I had expected. Both Wahid and Namir were outstanding hosts/drivers.  The accommodations were all great, each place outstanding in a different way – sometimes for the food, sometimes the hospitality, sometimes the rooms.  The services were outstanding, good communication before and throughout the trip.”
P & J – April 2015

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