Morocco Climate

Morocco is characterized by a Mediterranean climate that varies considerable according to the season and location. The extreme temperature ranges are moderated on the west and north coast by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. However, the interior of Morocco is characterized by much more extreme variations. Including, freezing temperatures and snow in the winter, and unbearable heat in the summer. The mountain ranges form another weather moderator, leaving the west much cooler than the east in the summer months. The south and south-eastern desert regions can become especially hot during this time. The mean temperature for the west coast ranges from 16.4° to 23°C (62°F – 73°F), while the mean temperature for the interior ranges from 10° to 27°C (50° – 81°F).

The rainy season is from November to March; however, rainfall is relatively sparse. The northwest can get between 30 and 40 inches, but the interior and south of Morocco are very dry.

Early summer is often the most comfortable time to visit as temperatures are pleasantly warm, and there is little threat of rain. The Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines are most pleasant from June to September, though.

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