Lovely Night in the Desert

This year was perfect…part of this, THANKS TO YOU!!!

I hope you and your family have a great holidays and I wish you a lot of nice things in the New Year!!

My group, including me, are not very “wise” so that it’s why I didn’t sent you any details about the questions you sent me… I just said that we still remember the wonderful travel we did in all Morocco and the espectaculars persons we met, including of course you and the guide and the drivers.

I also want to mention that we love the night at the Jaima, we think is something we will remember for ever, not only for the place, the sky, the stars, the dawn, the sand, the tent and of course the bedouins who attended, sang and were very kind with us…The desert is something you must live, touch, feel …it’s just amazing!!! Please don’t let anyone miss it!!!

September 2016

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