Honeymoon Highlights

The trip out to the desert was a highlight of our honeymoon! Some of our favorite parts of the tour:

Jaimas Madu – It was hard to remember we were eating and sleeping in tents! We arrived after the sunset so our camel to camp was in the dark, which was (mostly) hysterical to stop of the side of the road and get on a camel with a stranger. We loved it. The dinner was one of our top meals in Morocco, and we were stuffed at the end of the meal. But not too stuffed to enjoy the music, company of the Berbers who worked there, and sky full of stars by the outdoor fire. My husband loved talking with the guys in the many languages they have acquired over the years.

L’Ma Lodge – loved this place, ultimate luxury oasis! Can only imagine what it’s like in springtime with their beautiful gardens in full glory. Vanessa was sweet to upgrade us to a suite when she found out we were on our honeymoon. We enjoyed hearing the story of how she and her husband ended up in Morocco; the careful effort they put into the setting and food was A+. The entire experience was warm and welcoming.

Overall, the trip was seamless — from drop offs to check ins and everything in between. Everything was as promised and went very smoothly. It was a nice break from all the planning we had done for the other part of our travels.

Rachid was incredibly professional and kind to answer all of our questions about culture, landmarks, etc. Importantly, he was also a great (safe) driver! Some of those mountain passes are tricky and I wasn’t nervous for a second.

We definitely will recommend the Travel Source to others!
Thanks for a wonderful trip!

November 2016

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