Qarawiyne Mosque, Fez

The spiritual and cultural heart of Morocco, Fes pulsates with mystery and tradition. One of the largest and oldest medieval cities in the world, the city walls enclose almost 10,000 winding alleys throughout which are hidden the endless architectural and cultural treasures of this city.

As you donkey-dodge and slide your way through the crowds, your every sense will be captivated. You will be mesmerized by the colourful mosaics, spices, intricate carpets, and skilful craftsmanship (brassware, silks and ceramics just to name a few). You will be stunned by the incredible architecture of the religious sites located throughout the medina, and fascinated by their history. Also not to be missed is the world-class cuisine unique to Morocco and perfected in Fes. With a long history and unforgettable culture, this is a city you will never want to leave.

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