Far Surpassed our Expectations!

It is good to hear from you. I can’t really say that I am back home quite yet as I feel I haven’t left Morocco behind. I expect it will take a little (long) while for true reality to set in.

We had an absolutely wonderful experience that met and far surpassed our expectations! Thank you so much for that. Everything went so smoothly and we felt relaxed, with no worries as we had complete confidence in Ilyass. You were right when you said he would be like family to us. Ilyass was a pleasure to get to know. He really enriched our trip by sharing information about his life, his family, fiancée, his country, life experiences and his point of view with us. He always had the answer to any questions we had along the way. Besides being a great friend he was a great tour guide. We learned so much through him. Ilyass also was very perceptive and diplomatic with regard to our possible limitations during any given time period as we went through our daily activities. Without actually saying so, he would adjust his plans for us as we went along so that we would enjoyably get the very most out of every day. We couldn’t ask for more personalization!

The extended car trips were made more enjoyable thanks to Ilyass bringing the countryside to life for us with the information he provided. And, oh, the sights we have seen!!!! Morocco is an incredible country with incredible people. Thanks to the excellent choices for dining and lodging, we were able to meet some wonderful people during our journey. I am still enjoying processing those unforgettable memories. One of the many faces and personalities that stands out is a young man we met in the area of the Todras Gorge. I believe his name is Zoab and we had lunch on the rooftop of his family’s inn, overlooking the river and the gathering of local women washing clothes. The food was delicious and our visit with him was so uplifting. He shared much with us about himself and his life and we met his family. His good spirits just poured out of him and it makes me smile to think of our time there.

Also highlighting our tour were the guides selected in Chefchoauen, Marrakesh and Fes. What gifts they were to us! They were so very knowledgeable and personable and seemed to sincerely want give us the best possible experience. Huge thanks to Mustafa, Mohamed and Malik – they will never be forgotten. I would recommend them to everyone.

It was great to have had the opportunity to meet you and your staff in Fes, Jill. Our experience withThe Travel Source has been more than excellent from start to finish! You made everything easy and provided an amazing experience! We felt very secure that you were just a phone call away, should we need you. The Riads and all accommodations were beautiful… it was like living in a fairy tale?

As you can tell, I can’t stop gushing about this wonderful trip of a lifetime. And I didn’t even mention the camel ride into the desert! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know. In fact, I have already recommended your agency twice to other travelers we met along the way.

April 2017

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