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Morocco is one of the leading countries in the Arab world in regards to women’s rights and freedoms. While there are still very definite gender gaps in culture, Morocco has made many significant reforms. In 2003, King Muhammad VI passed an historical family law called Mudawana. In it, he makes men and women jointly responsible […]

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What to Pack

A few suggestions of things you might want to bring when you visit Morocco: Medication If you are taking medication bring enough with you as well as the prescriptions. Most medications are readily available in pharmacies throughout Morocco along with other basic medical needs. However, the names that the drugs are marketed under may not

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Passport and Visa

A valid passport that is good for at least six months following your date of entry is required to enter Morocco. But no advance visa is required for citizens entering from the United States, England, Canada, Australia, and countries from the EU. On arrival you are given a 3 month tourist visa. Citizens coming from

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Culture / Dress / Artisian

Culture Morocco is one of the most unique and wonderful places you could ever visit. The colour and bustle of the medieval medinas and the amazing diversity offered throughout the country are an unforgettable experience. People are friendly, and the culture is so rich and deep that it will make you leave wanting to discover

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Food The flavourful cooking of Morocco enjoys a tradition of cuisine rich in spices. Women in the royal cities of Morocco have made cooking an art and a centre of social and community life. Moroccans will be quick to point out that the food found in homes is much better than that available in restaurants.

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Morocco Climate

Morocco is characterized by a Mediterranean climate that varies considerable according to the season and location. The extreme temperature ranges are moderated on the west and north coast by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. However, the interior of Morocco is characterized by much more extreme variations. Including, freezing temperatures and snow in the

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Fast Facts on Morocco

Morocco Travel Information – Fast Facts Fast Facts Overview: Official Name: Kingdom of Morocco Capital: Rabat Official language: Arabic Major Religion: Islam Government: Constitutional Monarchy King: Muhammad VI Population: 31.6 million Currency: Dirham International dialling code: +212 Visas: Citizens of the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia and New Zealand are granted 3 month visa stamps

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