Best Week of Our Lives!

Thank you for helping us with our recent trip! We had an amazing time
here in Fes and a great trip down to the Sahara with Ilyass.

He was a great guide; we loved getting to hear about the country from
someone who grew up in Morocco! He seemed very experienced even though
young and we felt very comfortable around him. He was very knowledgeable
about every area– and we asked LOTS of questions!! Ilyass took us to
many amazing unique places that my family and I were very surprised and
pleased to go! We were able to join locals in a café to watch the
Moroccan soccer team in the African Cup, visit a nomadic family and have
tea with them, and felt free to stop at the most beautiful areas of the
country to enjoy and take pictures on our travel days! Overall, I would
recommend The Travels Source and Ilyass to any friend visiting Morocco!
My family said, “It was the best week of our lives!”

Thanks for the great trip!!

February 2017

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