Beni Mellal and Cascades d’Ouzoud

Kasbah de Ras-el-Ain
While the city of Beni Mellal does not have a whole lot to offer sightseeing-wise there is a nicely renovated Kasbah de Ras-el-Ain which sits up on a hill overlooking the city and valley below.
Near Beni Mellal, about an hour and a half drive away, you can find the tallest waterfalls in all of North Africa, Cascade D’Ouzoud. These 110 meter falls are worth a stop over if you have the time to fit them into your schedule. While a popular place among the locals, especially in the summer time, they are still not very visited by foreigners. If you are afraid of heights, avoid the road to the falls from Beni Mellal and come instead the other direction from Marrakech.

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